Lead Engineer

Location: Roseville, Michigan
Date Posted: 06-05-2017
Core Responsibilities   
·         The ability to scope new projects from start to finish, define action plans, and develop unique solutions to bring ideas to reality.
·         The ability to lead engineering teams, program managers, and prototype build craftsman/technicians.
·         Strong leadership ability to keep the joint team on track to meet all program milestones.
·         Lead Engineering related face to face and WebEx based meetings between team members and be able to lead the customer to a solution.
·         Lead others, especially designers.
·         Maintain, track, and work to close-out open items lists.
·         Approve purchases and track program spending.
·         Coordinate and manage prototype property builds and root cause technical issues.
·         The aptitude and ability to multitask while working on multiple projects which may have various timelines and associated deliverables.
·         A proven record pertaining to knowledge of, and ability to apply, engineering principles.
·         Projects range from automotive prototype development to aerospace seat development and production and anything else that may come in the door through sales.
·         Products include seats, trim, structures, electronics, hydraulics, fasteners. Materials include steel, aluminum, thermoplastics, thermosets, titanium, carbon fiber.
·         Processes include molding (injection and compression), machining, stamping forging, extrusion, thermoforming, investment casting, metal injection molding, and heat treating.
Employment Requirements:
·         +5 years of engineering and/or +1 year of engineering leadership experience.
·         Related work experience in the Automotive, Defense, and/or Aerospace Industry.
·         A Bachelor Degree in Engineering or a related discipline is preferred.

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