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Assembly Operator

Marysville, MI
Job Duties/ Responsibilities:
▪ Ensure quality of the parts produced is according to the work instructions and control plans utilizing post process gauges and SPC charting as required.
▪ Responsible for 5S, TPMs and housekeeping in their workplace and on the machines.
▪ Actively contribute in process optimization and be able to train and support new team members on the machines and processes.
▪ Participate and contribute within team meetings and company methods.
▪ Operate a manual or motorized walk behind lifting unit for material handling within their work area.
▪ Move dunnage within an operation while performing assembly work.
▪ Diagnose simple faults and reset manual, semi-automatic, and automatic stations.
▪ Place maintenance requests when equipment is in need of maintenance.
▪ Check own work using checking equipment such as CMMs, hard gauges, vision equipment, etc.
▪ Perform routine maintenance tasks.
▪ Perform required documented safety checks.
▪ Complete teardowns generated from the assembly lines.
▪ Perform error proofing/mistake proofing checks for the assembly processes.
▪ Complete and maintain “end of shift” documents including but not limited to production counts, quality data, scrap tickets, etc.

Essential Skills and Experience:
▪ Must have strong manual dexterity and fine motor skills.
▪ Must be quality oriented and pay attention to detail.
▪ Must have good interpersonal and communication skills and be able to work in a team environment.
▪ Must have the ability to work any shift – Marysville is a three (3) shift operation.
▪ Must be available to work required daily and weekend overtime.


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