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Wiring Tool Engineer

Metro Detroit, Michigan
Job Description:
Full Time - Direct Hire Opportunity with Competitive Pay and Full Benefits!
The candidate selected for this position will support the client design using the Capital Harness tools within he proposed client design environment.

  • Provide on-site time to coach the client design team through creation of an initial pilot project
  • Produce efficient SMEs in the form of material for subsequent usage by clients for internal training
  • Capital Tools to undertake:
    • Wiring design creation
    • Harness design creation
    • System design creation and validation
    • Topology design creation, validation, association and constraints
    • Topology design validation
    • and more…
  • Knowledge transfer to assist/coach designated client SMEs in the creation of:
    • Best practice documentation of tool usage
    • Client-centric tool training content
  • BSEE
  • Experience creating block diagrams with and without hierarchy
  • Familiarity with the creation of wiring diagrams using CAVA (Auto schematic generation)
  • Must understand the tools behavior with regards to the assignment of options and variants on devices, pins, nets and wires
  • Must be able to create logical schematics and wiring diagrams manually
  • Familiarity with Saber and 3D bridges and their requirements

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