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Web Developer

Troy, Michigan
Duties and Requirements:
  • Lead-developer level proficiency in C/C++ and Java 1.8  
  • Demonstrable knowledge of and experience in:
    • C and C++ language specifications along with ISO and ANSI standard libraries and STL containers
    • Memory management in C and garbage collection concepts in Java
    • Dynamic polymorphism and multiple inheritance
    • Low-level threading primitives in C, multi-threaded programming in C++ and Java
    • Low-level networking primitives in C and C++, Java NIO libraries for network IO
    • Writing native libraries, modules and low-level libraries in C (or C++)
    • Data structures, algorithms and primitives in C, C++ and Java
    • Build, language and code versioning tools such as make, cmake, maven, lint, valgrind, gdb and git
    • Test-Driven Development methodologies and tools, such as Junit and Mockito
    • Restful web service development with JSON payloads
    • JMS and ActiveMQ
  • Experience with:
    • Agile Development practices
    • Behavior-Driven testing frameworks, such as Cucumber
    • Integration testing frameworks, such as Selenium or SoapUI
    • Data access libraries such as Spring JDBC, JPA, Hibernate, and SQL Server
    • Continuous Integration systems, such as Jenkins

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